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The hardware-software complex developed alongside "MinSoft Harvest" software product enables accounting and control of berries, fruits, and vegetable harvest, evaluates the efficiency, and manages salary payment to all the employees involved in the process.

Agroindustrial Complex "Minisoft Harvest" can be used in other fields of agriculture, except for plant growth, for example, to account for the production of milk, honey, therapeutic herbs, etc. - at any area where each product harvested should be accounted for and the productivity of workers on the site needs assessment.

The price of the program ‘Minisoft Harvest’

Local versions of the agro-industrial complex is a tool for one hardware-software complex with a server and no data synchronization (Ukraine only) $195
A server-based version of the agroindustrial complex supports data synchronization for two hardware-software complexes (Ukraine only) $175
Access to the ‘Minisoft Harvest’ server (Ukraine only) $80
International local version of the software $350
International server version $300/workplace
Access to the international ‘Minisoft Harvest’ server $150


MiniSoft Harvest Main Features

The main tasks Software

The MiniSoft Harvest solves these types of problems:

  • a database for storing product (types of crops), equipment-, and packaging-related (type of packaging, brands, load capacity, weight) data;
  • employee performance monitoring and workforce allocation tools - helps divide full-time and seasonal workers into teams;
  • labeling crop containers with a unique barcode that contains all the relevant data about a container - types of crops it accommodates, type of packaging, harvest date, etc;
  • tools for increasing the precision and optimizing the process of weighing the crops;
  • payroll administration and calculation suite;
  • reporting and documentation management;
  • Data exchange between worksites.

Software Benefits

The program combines full functionality and ease of use, ease of implementation and a wide range of equipment, complete control, and management of both resources and activities of farm workers.

Having purchased "MiniSoft Harvest", a business owner relies on a powerful and affordable tool to manage and control the harvesting process, and the staff. The software has a smooth learning curve and all the features needed for workplace automation.

Supported equipment

The software allows you to use a wide variety of assistive equipment from various manufacturers: barcode scanners, label printers, and electronic scales.

Minisoft Harvest Applications

The local version of the software is a good fit for small farm sites where there’s no concurrent harvesting process.

The network version of the platform allows simultaneous site management and is a fit for medium or large farms that carry out parallel harvesting.

Get to know the platform

Acquiring the software is 100% risk-free since there’s a demo version that allows business managers to ensure the interface and the functionality of the platform fits the needs of the company to a tee.

Data security

The software offers a high-level data storage and protection framework. A user authentication system ensures no one but the parties involved in the process can access the database. There’s a data access restriction feature as well, allowing to establish the responsibilities of each user and not grant redundant privileges.


MiniSoft harvest accounts for the growing demands of your business allowing company managers to manage several works sites simultaneously. There’s no need to acquire additional server power or reconfigure the software to manage more concurrent operations.

Remote data transfer and management of the harvesting process

The server version of the program provides data exchange between the server and the local storage via the Internet. Thus, it is possible to save the necessary information to the local storage and exchange updates with peers about the course of harvesting, the stages of the supply chain, goods processing or distribution.

Software customization

To make sure the tool caters to the business’ needs efficiently, feel free to reach out to the development team. We will implement additional features and functionality to help you take the efficiency of crop harvesting to the next level.

System requirements for the computer

MiniSoft software products are low-res and do not require special, powerful computer technology. Therefore, the minimum system requirements for a PC are a PC configuration that ensures the stable operation of the Windows OS installed on the PC, starting with Windows XP SP3 and above.

90-day warranty

The company wants to ensure the high quality of its products - that’s why we are willing to refund you in case the tool didn’t deliver the functionality that was claimed. This way, you can test the software in a risk-free way and ensure it increases the efficiency of your work before fully committing to it.

"MiniSoft Harvest"

Demo version MiniSoft Commerce