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MiniSoft Commerce Salon

The software product “MiniSoft Commerce Salon” is a convenient and affordable tool for keeping operational records and monitoring establishments to provide services of any format.

The program "MiniSoft Commerce Salon" can be used to conduct financial and management accounting in such institutions:

  • Beauty salon;
  • Massage salon;
  • SPA center;
  • Cosmetology;
  • Nail studio;
  • Fitness club;
  • Barbershop;
  • Gym;
  • and other service providers selling related products.

The program allows the owner or administrator of the salon to:

  • keep automated records of sales of services and goods, receipt and consumption of materials (body care products, cosmetics, etc.);
  • use the personalized discount and bonus systems to reward loyal customers;
  • control the cash flow from the cash register of the object to the current account, carry out collection and deposit of funds, allocate money to the expenses and incomes of the owner;
  • create checks to service customers;
  • take into account your staff’s performance and calculate the size of their wages;
  • generate reports to monitor all activities, namely, the payment for good and services, the remnants of materials and goods, income and costs, and more.


Individual user


1 PC - 1 database

  • small objects with one cash register, without controlling PC
  • 1 database on the same PC
  • no remote work
  • one-time purchase (no monthly fees)



2 PC - 1 database

  • small objects with a control PC or 2 cash registers
  • 1 database on any PC
  • remote work available
  • one-time purchase (no monthly fees)



lot PC - 1 database

  • medium objects with an unlimited number of PCs
  • 1 database on any PC
  • remote work available
  • one-time purchase (no monthly fees)

Take a look at the full list of features here or here.

"MiniSoft Commerce Salon"

Demo version MiniSoft Commerce