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Family of programs MiniSoft Commerce

Family of programs "МініСофт Комерція" is an in-house development of the MiniSoft company. The purpose of the programs is the automation of operational and financial accounting and the management of retail, catering, and services. The program family «MiniSoft Commerce» includes:

  • MiniSoft Shop
  • MiniSoft Cafe
  • MiniSoft Car
  • MiniSoft Salon


Individual user


1 PC - 1 database

  • small objects with one cash register, without controlling PC
  • 1 database on the same PC
  • no remote work
  • one-time purchase (no monthly fees)



2 PC - 1 database

  • small objects with a control PC or 2 cash registers
  • 1 database on any PC
  • remote work available
  • one-time purchase (no monthly fees)



lot PC - 1 database

  • medium objects with an unlimited number of PCs
  • 1 database on any PC
  • remote work available
  • one-time purchase (no monthly fees)

MiniSoft Commerce Demo Version

To get to know the program, please make a request to get server access. We’ll get back to you with the instructions to set you up. You can work in a test database of a store, cafe or pharmacy without functional limitations, try out the features of the program, and make a risk-free decision about purchasing it.

What tasks MiniSoft Commerce handles

The program "MiniSoft Commerce" solves the following classes of tasks:

  • full accounting of goods and services (availability and movement of goods, filtering by the categories as well as the types of documents and reports);
  • full accounting of cash and non-cash funds of the object, managing the calculations with suppliers and operating expenses;
  • customer base management and flexible formation of their loyalty system;
  • monitoring your staff’s performance.

Take a look at the full list of features here or here.

"Family of programs MiniSoft Commerce"

Demo version MiniSoft Commerce