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About MiniSoft

Who are we?

MiniSoft is a company created by experienced professionals and entrepreneurs back in 2010. Our scope is developing and massively implementing programs for businesses, primarily for small retail.

Family of programs "MiniSoft Commerce" is the main product that we offer to small and medium business owners in various fields, from retail to manufacturing.

In 9 years, Minisoft has confidently taken its place in the retail and food service software market. Already today thousands of people - business owners, property managers and staff of shops, boutiques, minimarkets, cafes, beauty salons, pizzerias, car washes, and pharmacies - work daily with the program, using its capabilities to improve their performance. These people live and work in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Uzbekistan.

Our mission is to provide each client with the possibility of receiving tangible material results, and real pleasure, engaging more creative tasks and get the best results of their business.

We are proud that 60+ firms and entrepreneurs are our Partners. They actively implement our programs at the facilities of their clients and provide technical support in their regions. We are looking forward to building further long-term cooperation both on national and worldwide levels.

Why choose MiniSoft?

Cooperation with Minisoft is more than just acquiring a software.

It’s the whole package of guarantees.

The owner of the business never unexpectedly discovers that he is bankrupt since his expenses and debts are much more than profits.

The store manager will go to bed every day, knowing exactly how much net profit he has received today.

Entrepreneurs know the future of the business - with up-to-date reliable information, the owner will be able to plan his business and in a timely manner identify and prevent critical problems, turning into beneficial opportunities.

Good luck in your future endeavours!

Demo version MiniSoft Commerce