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МініСофт Коммерція
Software family
"MiniSoft Commerce"
Automation of small and medium-sized businesses:
fast, affordable, efficient
MiniSoft Harvest
MiniSoft Harvest
hardware and software system
for automated berry, fruit
and vegetable harvesting
Торгівельне обладнання МініСофт
Discount when buying MiniSoft software
Trade software
for shops, cafes, pharmacies, car washes
A wide range of equipment for different types of objects,
we'll address your business needs
Партнерство МініСофт
with MiniSoft company
We invite to cooperation companies and entrepreneurs:
together will increase profit


The best way to automate your business. Simple, cheap, minimum hardware requirements

MiniSoft Commerce Demo Version

Acquaintance with interface and capabilities of programs on test databases.

Try It

Quick and convenient

Acquaintance with the program without the need for installation on the local computer.

Available from any PC

Access to the test database can be done from any PC with Internet access.

No time limit

You can work on the server in the demo version without time limit and as long as you wish.

Demo version MiniSoft Commerce